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Welcome, I'm glad you're here. 

As a skilled and resourceful mental health provider and survivor of trauma, I have a lifelong passion for learning and healing. One of the things that I have learned is that relationships are a key indicator of overall health. Consider the three most impactful relationships in your life.  Reflect on them in terms of safety, purpose, and joy. Do you feel unsafe, unmotivated, or unsatisfied in any of these relationships? If yes, you may benefit from counseling.  Make an appointment and discover sustainable ways to improve your relationships. 

My counseling style is collaborative with a strong emphasis on the restorative power of story and community. My life experience includes a bachelors degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from MIT, a masters degree in aerospace engineering from UT-Austin, and a masters degree in counseling from Colorado Christian University.  My continuing education has included study, training, and practice in healing prayer, Lifespan Integration, and Non-Violent Communication.

Our work together will focus on:

  • presence:  attentiveness to your present reality
  • wholeness:  connection to your internal resources
  • integrity:   choices guided by your values 
The journey to presence, wholeness, and integrity may involve specific therapeutic approaches such as mindfulness, Lifespan Integration, and Non-Violent Communication.  These are approaches that I have found to be especially fruitful in the counseling process.  Follow the links below for more information about mental health practices that I use and see benefits from on a regular basis. 

Lifespan Integration

Non-Violent Communication


I have office hours on Monday (7 AM - 7 PM), Tuesday (7 AM - 12 PM), Wednesday (2:30 PM - 7 PM), Thursday (7 AM - 9 AM), and Friday (7 AM to 7 PM).  Call or email to make an appointment. 


To make the best possible use of your first appointment, please read and complete the documents linked below.

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Forms to Print, Complete, and Bring:

Payment Amounts

I accept the following insurance providers:  Premera, Regence, Aetna, First Choice Health, and Uniform Medical Plan.

" . . . the brain,
when it is disengaged
from the heart,
turns vicious.
Conversely, the heart,
when it is disengaged
from the brain,
can become
sentimental and
Madeline L'Engle,
Walking on Water 

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